Yoga…A Cure for Depression

There are many factors existing in a society that leaves it’s ill-effect on our physical and mental health. When it comes to physical illness, discomfort, we all tend to seek help at the earliest because we have realized and accepted its fatality. But when it comes to mental illness, depression, or anxiety our approach towards treating it or even acknowledging its existence is minimal. We act like either it’s no big deal to feel depressed or we feel too ashamed that we have some mental or emotional distraught and need to consult a doctor for it. As per the study done by the World Health Organisation (WHO), by the year 2030 depression will be one of the biggest reasons behind disability worldwide. To be ready to fight this danger that is dangling over the world, we need to remove this dogma around depression and find a way to cure it.

When a person is depressed, he/ she exhibits increased levels of cortisol. Studies show that when you practice Yoga regularly it reduces cortisol levels that ultimately helps you cure depression. As breathing is an important part of Yoga poses and practice, it induces a feeling of relaxation and calmness in the body. Apart from this, meditation also can cause a lowered level of cortisol. When compared to other forms of exercise Yoga performs extremely well in making you feel happier and enhance your mood. 

If the people who are suffering from depression make Yoga a part of their everyday life, the symptoms of the illness start to reduce exponentially. If you feel low on motivation, too lazy to get out of the bed, or just out of energy all the time, these can be the red alerts your body is giving you. These are all the signs that you are stepping into the traps of depression. Even if you are seeing prone to depression symptoms in yourself or someone around you, without delaying, start with the Yoga practices. Yoga can pave you the path that will lead you towards anxiety-free life. 

When a person is fighting his/her battle with depression, they often feel worthless or less confident. Self-doubting and self-blaming keeps spreading its claws around them so tight that it gets impossible to lead a normal life. In such a difficult time what they need the most is a hand of support, assurance, and someone who encourages them to try harder and motivates them to never give up on themselves. And to reach this destination, Yoga can be among the best and the quickest way. When even getting out of the bed and doing routine activities become as hard as it gets, Yoga can be a tranquillizing activity that will give them the strength to conquer it all in the most relaxing yet enjoyable way.   

If you are suffering from depression or have some symptoms of it, don’t lose hope, you are not in this alone. Seek help and incorporate Yoga’s holistic living approach in your life to find your peace of mind. It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to or what is your physical fitness level or how often you have been exercising, there is no reason for you not to start with Yoga. Once you start with this amazing form of exercise, you are only going to rip good results out of it.