About Us

Asha Yoga Center is founded by Smt Asha Ravikiran and Sri Ravikiran in 2009.

Initially, Smt Asha Ravikiran started teaching Yoga practices at her Bangalore Residence to neighbors, some of them were suffering from various health issues, too. After her student’s health improved, the word of mouth spread about the magical health improvements from Yoga. Hence, to accommodate more people regularly the First Center of Asha Yoga Center was started in Bangalore.

Among the practitioners was a lady who suffered from severe problems of PCOD, Asha Helped her to get rid of the PCOD problem forever through Yoga. This resulted in word-of-mouth publicity and many women in the neighborhood asked Asha to conduct private yoga classes for them eventually we began our practice and the center was named ASHA Yoga Center, the best Yoga Center in North Bangalore.

Today, Asha Yoga Center is situated in the north part of Bangalore at Vidyaranayapura, 100 meters from the main road, designed to obtain a peaceful ambiance comprises of Sree Chakra, which enhances the positivity in the environment thus making it a perfectly undisturbed and peaceful place for practice.

The current facility is about 1100 sq. ft. and our center runs 7 batches a day from which the practitioners can plan to choose based on their comfort and time.

We Conduct Yoga Instructor Course, which is the foundation Course for having an International Career in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. This is a part-time course of 2 hours per day for 90 days followed by a thorough internship.

At the current facility, we do Conduct Yoga therapy Classes for Chronic Ailments, like Diabetics, Joint Pains, Hyper Tension, or any complicated Health challenges which are not getting cured through modern medicines.

We at Asha Yoga Center Specialise in Conducting Pre Natal Therapy which will make the journey of pregnancy to childbirth very easy and we are proud to say most ladies who attended our Pre Natal Therapy sessions were able to give birth through Normal Delivery and Both Mother and Child are very Healthy.

The Asha Yoga Center has hundreds of testimonials from our participants, who are very happy, which speak about the benefits and transformation of Practicing yoga at Asha Yoga Center. People from Different walks of life have found a solution to their struggles and pain and have walked out happy and healthy.

Now we are known as a place for transformation from being in Pain to living with a Smile.

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