Yoga For Juniors

Yoga has been proving its importance and effectiveness for ages now. People all over the world are accepting it as a way of living as they can see innumerable benefits they can get from regular Yoga practice. From youngsters to elderly, from homemakers to corporates, everyone is prospering their mental and physical health with the help of Yoga. Now it is a time to make Yoga mainstream in children as much as it is in adults.

We all know that the habits built in childhood remain with us throughout our lives then why not teach our kids something extremely rewarding for their mind and body when they are in their utmost learning phase? We, at Asha Yoga Center, have special batches for kids, where we teach them Yoga practices that will make either body flexible and fitter and their mind sharper and stronger.

Here are some broad benefits that your children can get by adding Yoga practice in their routine

1.  Helps them concentrate better – When it comes to kids, the biggest issue parents can think of is them lacking concentration while studying or doing any activity for that matter. Yoga will help your kids gain the concentration that will keep them away from distractions and give their best to the task in hand.

2. Teaches how to stay calm and focussed – Today’s young generation faces many problems and sometimes even parents find it difficult to help them get through it. But Yoga can come to their aid when it comes to issues like anxiety, frustration, stress. No matter what the cause is behind all these problems, regular Yoga practice can definitely help reduce them.

3. Encourages many healthy habits – Once doing Yoga becomes a part of the life of young ones, it becomes their lifestyle and remains with them even after becoming an elder. A practice of being physically and mentally active becomes natural for them and it helps in sowing many healthy habits in them at a very early stage of their life.

4. Children become self-aware and self-accepting – This world is full of competition and even the young kids feel stressed and burdened due to it. Be it parents’ expectations from them or their own struggle to do better than the rest of their peers, the struggle is overwhelming. Yoga makes them realize their special traits and also teaches them to accept themselves with all their imperfections while prepping them to improve themselves every day.

5. Helps in gaining positive mental health – This is hands down one of the most important benefits of practicing Yoga from a young age as it makes you a positive thinker who can find the silver lining in every dark situation. This positive attitude can help them all their life.

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