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We offer live-online yoga classes for members anywhere in the world, according to their convenient time. Yoga for beginners at home with expert guidance is possible only with Asha Yoga Center – one of the best yoga centers in Bangalore.

Our online yoga classes are unique from others. It is not a mere pre-recorded yoga video. It is the live classes conducted by our certified teachers.

No recorded video. Everything is live with personal conversation. Customized yoga practice which suits individuals. It can be for wellness, a preventive or therapeutic value for Pain (ex: back pain, neck pain, headache, etc.), or Lifestyle disorders (eg: sleeping issues, diabetes, obesity, respiratory, digestive problems, etc.)

Online yoga classes in Bangalore are a convenient way of learning and practicing yoga from the comfort of your home. Asha Yoga Centre brings the power of yoga to your home with our online classes. Learn from the experts and stay healthy and mentally fit with the power of yoga.

 At Asha Yoga Centre we have expert and well-trained Yoga Instructors that guide you through the Yoga practice at your convenient time through an online class. The yoga schedule for personal Yoga sessions are completely accurate and specially designed according to the clients’ requirement. Asha yoga center analyses your fitness level, the stress combating capacity and formulates a tailor-cut yoga program that suits your needs so as to give you the desired pranic benefits. Asha Yoga provides live online yoga classes in Bangalore which have extra knowledge and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our Yoga Classes are tutored by Highly Experienced yoga teachers. Who teaches blending the Hatha and Ashtanga Styles of Yoga which is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels.


Live  Online Yoga Classes in Bangalore from Asha Yoga Centre


  • Comprehensive practice that integrates physical, mental, and spiritual elements for your Fitness, Health, and Well-Being.
  • Dynamic Yoga class, which brings together Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, & Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Yoga for Core strength, flexibility, stamina, and weight loss.
  • Special Classical Pranayama & Meditation Class – Krishnamacharya Yoga Style.
  • Achieve advanced Asanas through focused practice.

For live online yoga classes in Bangalore, come join our center, we have special yoga classes every day at our Centre. Ideal for your daily dose of fitness and well-being from the best online yoga classes in Bangalore which helps to connect your body, breathe and mind.


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